Hini Arata Kan

Our advanced intralogistics technology in a demonstration format for technical tours in Japan.
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Hini Arata Kan features advanced technology that Daifuku has developed over the past 80 years.

Visitors will experience approximately 400 Daifuku products and 150 other integrated products and systems. Our experienced staff will guide you through the 3-story facility to demonstrate the equipment with tours available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

The first floor features a variety of products including Unit Load and Mini Load AS/RSs, transfer robots, picking systems, and an automobile assembly line. Along with a range of picking and sorting systems, which form the core of exhibited equipment, visitors can also see semiconductor production line and airport baggage handling systems on the second floor. The third floor features the Comprehensive Exhibition Hall and other brand presentations.
Innovation center exterior in Japan.
210k sq. ft.
Building Area
For solution variety.
82 ft.
Building Height
For vertical storage.
9am - 5pm
Hours of Operation
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Floor 1


At the reception desk, visitors will be greeted with a smile by one of our staff. To tour the facility more comfortably, lockers are available to those with baggage.


Before your Hini Arata Kan tour begins, you can view a video introduction to material handling on an impressive 140-inch screen.

Photo Spot

This large Daifuku logo is a great place to take commemorative photos.

Automotive Assembly Line

A demonstration of Daifuku's automotive assembly line systems. The line features a fully automated assembly system showing the engine and other parts being assembled with the automotive body.

Unit Load AS/RS

The operation of various unit load models of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RSs) are available for viewing. AS/RSs are effective in factories, distribution centers, and distribution storage systems and can be setup for refrigerated, frozen, or room temperature environments.

Mini Load AS/RS

Discover the different types of Mini Load AR/RSs and learn how containers can be output to picking operations using U-shaped conveyors. Also, visitors can learn about the digital inventory control system. In the distribution industry, there is an increasing need for AS/RSs with sorting and grouping functions; Daifuku's AS/RSs meet these needs while saving on labor, energy, and space.

Event Hall & Meeting Room

The Event Hall and meeting rooms are located on a mezzanine between the first and second floor. The hall seats up 100 people and is equipped with a large screen. The hall is available for conferences, training sessions, and presentations. Seven meeting rooms are available for business negotiations and meetings.

Floor 2


There are numerous ways to do picking depending on product type and frequency. During the tour, your guide will demonstrate an entire picking operation using an automated information system.


A variety of belt, hanger, and slide shoe sorting systems are available for viewing.

Cleanroom Transport & Storage

Cleanroom transport and storage systems allow productivity improvement in semiconductor manufacturing facilities. FOUPs, closed containers designed for storing wafers, are transported efficiently at high speed to meet needs. There is also a virtual theater utilizing the latest video technology, so please come and experience it for yourself.

Airport Technologies

Here are the latest airport systems for smart airports, including self-service check-in systems, baggage handling systems, and security systems. These systems respond to the needs of airports to cope with labor shortages and reduce workloads.

Floor 3

Comprehensive Exhibition Hall

In the Exhibition Hall, we have put various products from over 30 logistics companies on display. Visitors can discover material handling components, IT devices, and other products capable of integrating with Daifuku systems. Information about Daifuku Group companies can also be found here.

Global Corner

Here are introductions to Daifuku's global affiliates which are spread across 26 different countries and regions.

Global Corner

Here are introductions to Daifuku's global affiliates which are spread across 26 different countries and regions.

Restaurant & Cafe

The restaurant overlooks a beautiful landscape. Reservations are required.
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