Scalable sortation options for demanding and diverse fulfillment operations.
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Automate product routing to get your items where you need them, when you need them.  

Daifuku Intralogistics America has been a preferred material handling partner to some of the world’s largest companies for over 85 years. We design proven, scalable solutions to sort a wide variety of product shapes and sizes in order to meet your evolving throughput requirements.


AutoRoll+ Motor Driven Roller Transfer

AutoRoll+™ Bi-directional Transfers can transfer product in either direction to a conveyor that is parallel or perpendicular to the transferring conveyor. When transferring to a perpendicular conveyor the product orientation will be changed by 90 degrees. Intermixed products, such as totes, slave pallets, and cartons can be handled simultaneously, even with extreme differences in product weight.

Modsort® Transfer & Divert

The Modsort® Transfer & Divert Module is a drop-in divert that is compatible with the standard CSC side frame for easy integration. This zero contact, zero pressure accumulation drive roller system is ideal for sorting small packages and poly bags with minimal gaps between products, and can be configured for various applications including transfers, pick and pass operations, sorting systems, reject handling, and alignment.
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