Intuitive automated picking technologies for productive order fulfillment and accurate deliveries.
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Fulfill orders with more speed, increased accuracy, and the ability to track and trace product.

Whether you need a simple voice-directed picking solution or an intelligent goods-to-person system, Daifuku Intralogistics America is your strategic partner for designing fast and accurate fulfillment systems. We consider operational goals, SKU characteristics, lines per order, delivery windows, and throughput challenges to identify the most appropriate picking solution for your operations.



Put-to-light is a light-guided system that enables efficient SKU sortation and picking consolidation, allowing multiple components of an order to be coordinated or distributed with improved efficiency and accuracy, while also reducing packaging resources. With configurable zone-control algorithms and only a 30-minute onboarding process, fulfillment productivity often increases instantly by over 100%.

Mobile Cart

The Mobile Cart system creates rolling pick or put lines, ideal for scalable picking of split-case or slow moving SKUs that utilize shelving storage. This flexible pick cart system is a low-cost option that grows with operational expansion and seasonal demand spikes, and offers modern features like efficient path control algorithms, WiFi and bluetooth enablement, and WMS integration to improve picking accuracy by 90%.
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