Intelligent identification technology to enhance accuracy and improve throughput.
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Automating product product identification for enhanced accuracy and increased throughput.

About 20% of cartons received at a typical distribution facility are received with missing labels or unreadable barcodes. Typically, these cartons have to be diverted and processed manually. SmartScan technology can capture carton data and keep your automated process running smoothly.


Optical Character Recognition
OCR automates inbound processes by capturing information such as product descriptions, quantities, and purchase order numbers, then communicates the information to Warehouse Management Systems, reducing errors, accelerating processes, and putting drivers on the road faster. OCR can also be implemented to streamline outbound processes where interaction with external sources is required. Easily scan and capture data such as mainifests and driver information that is typically recorded by hand.
Weigh & Measure
Compare total weight and carton dimensions against WMS-stored specifications, including tolerance and packaging material. Within seconds the system calculates and verifies the data with a high-speed, in-motion dimensioning and weighing system. The system not only verifies each shipment, it also provides the data required for computing the shipping rate to eliminate oversize shipping charges, improve shipping efficiency, and automate the entire process.
Print & Apply
This turnkey label solution incorporates carton identification, tracking, label application, and verification into one seamless process. The software module is easily configured to work with a wide range of print and apply machines and premium print engines based upon your specific needs.This solution accommodates a variety of label designs, including multiple label formats and real-time label information, through our standard host communication interface. Whether you are looking for increased throughput or improved reliability, our engineers have the experience to design a system tailored to your needs.
RFID Scan Tunnels
23% of eCommerce orders get returned because the wrong item was shipped. Daifuku Wynright can help you get it right the first time. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can catch picking errors before they ever ship. Whether you are scanning cartons with a single line item or multiple line items, RFID technology can verify the contents of entire cartons at high volumes and rates. RFID tunnels integrated into your conveyor system can read hundreds of RFID tags at the same time depending on conveyor speed and carton gapping. Customizable and scalable, RFID tunnels put automated auditing where you need it most, for less.
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