Automated Storage

Condensed vertical storage to increase floorspace by 90% and improve labor productivity by up to 66%.
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High-density automated storage and retrieval systems to elevate operational potential.

Daifuku designed the world’s first AS/RS system in 1966 and today we are the market leader with over 32,000 stacker crane installations. For over 55 years the driving force for AS/RS system usage has been footprint reduction, storage efficiency, labor savings, pick accuracy, and increased productivity. Whether you are replenishing brick and mortar stores or providing direct fulfillment to your eCommerce customers, our AS/RS will help you deliver while achieving each of these goals.

Automated Storage

AS/RS Miniload

Miniload is a high-speed, high-density buffer that can replace conventional static rack to maximize vertical storage space in a compact footprint. These efficient systems move and store irregularly shaped products placed in stacking totes, collapsible totes, nesting containers, cardboard boxes or cases, and bins. As the small-load version of the AS/RS Unitload system, the Miniload system supports containers that weight up to 662 lbs. and rack heights up to 66 ft.

Automated Pallet Monorail

The Automated Pallet Monorail or Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) is a pallet sorting system designed to provide high-throughput material handling in conjunction with AS/RS. This automated, rail-guided pallet vehicle serves as a fast, flexible, and easily installed material transport system, used to move and sort warehouse loads of all sizes that are bound for shipping. The Automated Pallet Monorail's collection capabilities for multiple AS/RS aisle conveyor stations enable picking by order line and sorting by destination to a single location.
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