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Reduce handling labor to maximize picking efficiencies, fulfilling eCommerce orders with accelerated accurately.

From automating replenishment to implementing a voice-directed system, Daifuku can help you maximize your operation’s full case picking efficiencies. We combine automation technology, advanced software and countless years of experience to deliver a picking solution that is certain to increase accuracy, improve throughput, and save you money.

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Light and voice-directed picking technologies provide outstanding picking efficiencies and generate dramatic productivity and accuracy gains for fast-moving items in split-case picking operations. Goods-To-Person solutions eliminate travel and human error. For full case scenarios, pallet flow rack (fast movers) and carton flow rack (medium to slow movers) facilitate the flow of cases to the picker.

Warehouse Execution Software

Our Warehouse management systems (WMS) enable absolute operational control and visibility to promote informed decision making that scales distribution with precision. The intuitive WMS dashboards are easily configurable, allowing users to efficiently resource plan and identify potential system bottlenecks across multiple facilities before they occur, minimizing or completely avoiding costly downtime.
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