Mezzanines, catwalks, support structures, and safety accessories to reclaim underutilized space.
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Elevating facility potential with improved safety and equipment access.

Daifuku Intralogistics America is your strategic partner in identifying, designing, manufacturing, and installing integrated structural steel systems. Whether you require the elevated floorspace access of a platform or the accessibility benefits of a catwalk system, we consider your operational goals, facility blueprints, and local code requirements to help you identify the most appropriate structural solutions to improve warehouse system efficiency.

Structural Products


Mezzanines are robust platforms that transform unutilized overhead space into a functional area for manufacturing, storage, security, and additional office space. Each mezzanine expansion is designed, manufactured, and installed to custom specifications, ensuring a cost-effective productivity improvement.

Equipment Platforms

Equipment Platforms increase available floorspace by elevating processing machinery and facilities equipment. Each platform is designed to meet local facility codes with optional stamped certification drawings and calculations. The bolt-together design arrives in an efficient package for simple installation and the ability to relocate the system in the future.

Stairs & Towers

Stair & Tower systems connect floors, platforms, and structures with stability and safety. These durable, code-compliant systems feature comfortable rise-to-run ratios and industry-leading structural steel materials.

Support Structures

Support Structures are light platforms that carry conveyor systems over obstructions such as docks, machinery, and asiles. These structures are custom designed to meet performance specifications and building code requirements, and utilize minimally intrusive supporting columns that are carefully placed to maintain aisle traffic and keep under-space usable and unobstructed.


Ladder systems provide access to elevated areas and are custom designed to meet specification requirements and local codes. Each ladder is available with optional caging and flared top.


Catwalks are narrow walkways used to access elevated conveyor lines for clearing product jams, maintaining systems, and reaching other industrial machinery that is not accessible from the building floor. Built as standalone structures adjacent to machinery or integrated into existing support structures, catwalks consist of IBC- and OSHA-compliant corrugated steel decking, guard railings, and toe plates for the best safety protection.


Handrail systems promote safety in elevated and hazardous areas by containing team members and maintaining stability. These custom systems are offered in two-line, three-line, and picket styles that can be floor- or beam-mounted, and are designed to comply with local code requirements.
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