Storage & Buffering

Keeping pack & hold and pack & seal operations moving continuously.
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Utilize vertical space to optimize storage density and employ buffering technology for a leaner, more dynamic facility.

Maximizing storage density while reducing your footprint and improving your picking and buffering process is tantamount to meeting your customer’s delivery demands. We can work with you to improve pick accuracy to 99.9999999, increase throughput, and improve safety and flexibility in your facility.

Storage & Buffering Solutions

Automated Storage

Daifuku Intralogistics America automated storage systems maximize vertical space with fast, accurate retrieval in a compact footprint and minimal maintenance. Our unitload AS/RS is a high-density pallet storage system designed to maximize vertical pallet space. It can handle pallet loads from 1,100 to 6,600 pounds, and rack heights of up to 131 feet. For smaller loads, our Shuttle Rack M, a fast, high throughput vehicle-type AS/RS, provides dense storage with high volume picking and sorting functions ideal for load sequencing of cartons, totes, and trays. Both automated systems keep team members safe and are ideal for freezer and low-noise applications.

Warehouse Execution Software

Our Warehouse management systems (WMS) enable absolute operational control and visibility to promote informed decision making that scales distribution with precision. The intuitive WMS dashboards are easily configurable, allowing users to efficiently resource plan and identify potential system bottlenecks across multiple facilities before they occur, minimizing or completely avoiding costly downtime.
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