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Inspire society, deliver prosperity, and enhance well-being by making the world more efficient and sustainable, one facility at a time.

13 USA locations to keep your team at the forefront of innovation.

Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation is a proud member of the Daifuku family. As a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company, we are Daifuku's Intralogistics' arm in North America.

Daifuku North America, Inc., headquartered in Michigan, is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation, and service provider of integrated material handling systems with sales and manufacturing locations throughout the continent.

It is comprised of Daifuku Airport America Corporation, Daifuku Automotive America Corporation, Daifuku Services America Corporation, Daifuku Cleanroom America Corporation and Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation.
Map of Daifuku Locations in US and Canada.

Comprehensive Solutions

Investing in a new facility or facility expansion is a significant commitment. With Daifuku Intralogistics America, we offer confidence by partnering with you to manage the project from start to finish.
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
We offer a full range of consulting and engineering services to truly understand your material handling needs and get your project started on the right foot.

• Concept formulation
• Site investigation
• Volume analysis
• Inventory analysis
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
Our simulations project every aspect of your system, from variable staffing requirements to design verification, all determined in the design phase, long before installation.

• Concept formulation
• Site investigation
• Volume analysis
• Inventory analysis
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
We listen carefully to understand your needs, requirements, and expectations to design the most appropriate custom distribution solution.

• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Controls
• Applications
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
With every aspect of our production and supply chain residing domestically in-house, we have complete control over our product quality and project timing.
• Procurement
• Machining & Assembly
• Programming
• Visual Checks & Measurement
• Movement
• Emulation
• Labeling & Packaging
• Shipment
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
From a simple expansion to the largest and most complex material handling system, every project has a dedicated project manager to oversee the entirety of the installation process.

• Construction
• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Inspections
• Systems Function Testing
• Training
Daifuku HQ, Japan.
As part of our commitment to ongoing support, Daifuku Intralogistics America works with you to ensure optimization of your system performance throughout its lifecycle.

• On-call Support Service
• On-Site Support Service
• Preventative Maintenance
• Periodic Maintenance
• Retrofits
• Renewals
• Stoc
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Constant pursuit of a sustainable world.

Our objective is to contribute toward a collective goal of creating a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy, and just world with clean air, water, soil, and power – economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed.
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Dedicated to providing a safe and supportive working environment.

Safety is a driving factor in developing all of our systems, and we conform to OSHA and ASME standards for all of our manufactured products. We also employ a dedicated corporate safety director responsible for implementing and coordinating a detailed Safe Plan of Action with our clients on every project.
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Material handling safe working environment.

& Awards

2021 CDP A- Award for Climate Change Initiatives
2021 MSCI Empowering Women Index, Excellent Gender Diversity
2021 FTSE Blossom - Excellent in Environment, Social, and Governance
2022 METI Minister’s Award for Factory Greening Program
2022 CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard for Emissions Reduction

Executive Team

Daifuku-Wynright CEO Christoph Schenk
Christoph Schenk
Chief Executive Officer
Daifuku-Wynright CFO Scott Shepherd
Scott Shepherd
Chief Financial Officer
Daifuku-Wynright COO Clint Lasher
Clint Lasher
Chief Operating Officer


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