Maintaining smart, continuous flow for accurate, accelerated inspections.
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Parcel variety, throughput, and delivery speeds are increasing. We'll help your team keep up.

Inbound handling solutions move and process incoming materials into your facility, whether they are finished goods for distribution, returned merchandise or raw materials, Daifuku can efficiently streamline your inbound process.

Inbound Solutions


Our flexible intra-warehouse conveyor transport systems support scaling manufacturers and distribution centers by streamlining facilities with more efficiency, productivity, and automation. Featuring the latest in connected, run-on-demand systems, these conveyor products offer simplified installation, advanced controls flexibility, and enhanced remote diagnostics to avoid costly downtime.


Inbound processes provide excellent opportunities for automation. Tasks such as unloading trucks and breaking down pallets present safety, ergonomic and labor issues that can be overcome with automation. From robotic truck unloaders that utilize advanced perception technology to stationary or mobile robotic depalletizing solutions that unload, descramble and induct product by layers of the same or mixed SKU, Daifuku has you covered.


Maintaining a reliable workforce for tedious manual processes such as labeling and order verification is difficult and often results in unnecessary bottlenecks. Our Smart Scan solutions include Optical Character Recognition, Weigh & Measure, Print & Apply, and RFID Scan Tunnels. Learn how to apply technology to solve problematic tasks and assign valuable labor elsewhere in your facility.

Warehouse Execution Software

Our Warehouse management systems (WMS) enable absolute operational control and visibility to promote informed decision making that scales distribution with precision. The intuitive WMS dashboards are easily configurable, allowing users to efficiently resource plan and identify potential system bottlenecks across multiple facilities before they occur, minimizing or completely avoiding costly downtime.
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