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Automated material handling technology to support global cold storage commerce.
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Perishables such as food and beverage, and flowers, along with heat sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and film are among the many products that require cold chain solutions to mitigate risk associated with product loss. With the recent increase in the number of SKUs of frozen food products and the trend towards smaller orders, it is becoming increasingly difficult to store the necessary volumes of goods through conventional fixed racking and floor storage.

Case Studies

CP Foods

By consolidating distribution functions, distribution operations are now streamlined and the center can handle high-frequency and small-lot deliveries for retailers. In addition to supplying products to mass retailers, the center also delivers to small-scale food stores.

ARUP Laboratories

In light of ARUP's double-digit growth it was determined that the ability to maintain this rate of growth could only be reached by implementing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) for their freezer trays. They also needed to consolidate multiple sample types into one automated system, improve chain of custody quality for specimen samples. Additional automation was required for the picking and placing of test tubes.

ICA Supermarket

ICA consistently responds to consumer needs, providing high-quality affordable goods to consumers with its unique procurement and supply system. In 2006, the company commenced the operation of one of the largest distribution centers in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, as a supply chain hub. In May 2011, full-scale operation of material handling systems began further improving efficiency at the center.

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