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Consolidate facilities and improve speed and accuracy of shipping operations
165,000 Sq. Ft.
80% Space Reduction
technology utilized
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Reduced footprint and improved speed to market

Meyer Corporation is a cookware distributor based in Vallejo, California.

Meyer Corporation is a cookware distributor based in Vallejo, California, United States, whose parent company is Hong Kong based Meyer Manufacturing Co. Ltd. It is the largest cookware distributor in the United States and second largest in the world. Meyer is one of the largest cookware and kitchenware distributors in the United States with a brand portfolio that includes Hestan, Anolon, Circulon, Ruffoni, BonJour, Breville, Farberware, Rachael Ray, Ayesha Curry, Paula Deen, and Cake Boss.


Meyer Corporation sought to improve speed & accuracy of their shipping operations and to consolidate their existing distribution facilities.


Consolidating facilities means maximizing the vertical space of your facility; and a 100 foot tall, 12 aisle unitload AS/RS with double-deep storage locations capable of storing up to 66,000 pallets is a perfect example of building up instead of out.  Four Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STVs) that quietly travel on fixed rails were added to deliver pallets and take them away from the unitload AS/RS.  The solution also involed the implementation of a Warehouse Control System (WCS).


Meyer Corporation was able to reduce the footprint of their facility to 165,000 square feet versus their conventional DC at 750,000 square feet.  The addition of the unitload AS/RS and STVs improved Meyer's speed to market by moving goods through their facility in a much quicker fashion.

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