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Reconfigure existing ASRS to double its storage/retrieval capacity of large cabins and maintain the ASRS material handling operation fully automated.
600,000 sq.ft.
team size
technology utilized
products handled
Painted parts including large cabins and hoods.
Doubled ASRS storage capacity of high-demand larger cabins, consolidated transportation processes with existing Daifuku’s WRx Software as one coherent ASRS system.


Peterbilt electric vehicles are revolutionizing the trucking industry with their eco-friendly performance. We are the industry leaders in alternative powertrain offerings, which include the Model 579EV for short haul and drayage, the Model 520EV for refuse, and the Model 220EV for pickup and delivery.

Due to the higher demand for our larger truck cabins, we increased our production of these units. This required us to increase our ASRS storage and retrieval capacity to handle the additional output of larger truck cabins. We faced a challenge: either expand our existing ASRS or modify one of our existing ASRS aisles to meet the new demand. We decided to keep our existing ASRS footprint and reconfigure our existing ASRS aisle #4 to store and retrieve as many of the new larger cabins as possible.


The existing Daifuku AS/RS aisle #4 had the capacity to store and retrieve 118 smaller cabins, with a rack configuration of three levels, 21 bays, and two banks. The existing Daifuku AS/RS aisle #4 used a Daifuku crane model R-H1. The existing load size (smaller cabin) was 2,591 mm W x 2,387 mm L x 2,667 mm H.


Daifuku offers a range of ASRS crane models that are strategically designed to suit different needs. Depending on the customer’s requirements, such as load specifications, throughput, space available, etc., a Daifuku crane model can be easily chosen and customized.


The new Daifuku AS/RS aisle #4 has the capacity to store and retrieve 44 large cabins and 24 hoods (total 68 storage locations), with a rack configuration of three levels, 12 bays, and two banks. The new Daifuku AS/RS aisle #4 uses a Daifuku crane model R-H10. The new load size (large cabin) is 2,591 mm W x 4,064 mm L x 3,175 mm H. The new load size (hood) is 2,591 mm W x 2,388 mm L x 1,956 mm H.

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