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Selecting the right collaborator for your material handling projects is a critical decision. An ideal partner begins by comprehensively understanding your unique business requirements. They then leverage their expertise to craft tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your needs. This approach not only promises a potentially higher return on investment but also paves the way for sustained future growth. 

At Daifuku Intralogistics America, our primary focus lies in active listening and meticulous inquiry before embarking on any proposal. While this approach demands time and effort, our decades of industry experience have unequivocally demonstrated their ability to yield superior outcomes for our valued clientele.  

This blog explores our approach, clarifies the reasoning behind our trust in the approach, and presents compelling reasons for why our approach is a valuable choice for material handling projects. 

What Daifuku Intralogistics America Can do For You 

Daifuku’s automated storage and retrieval (ASRS), AGV, robotic, conveyor (belt and roller), and sortation systems move pallets, cartons, totes and every other kind of container or product you can imagine. Our systems will help you improve safety and efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve overall building throughput.  Solutions must be tailored to satisfy client expectations and exceed their needs to maximize these gains. 

There are two ways we go about achieving this:  

  • We follow a structured data gathering and analysis approach for identifying the unique processes, bottlenecks, and challenges that you are facing within your supply chain and facility.  
  • With your unique requirements in mind, we draw on our extensive catalog of software modules, material handling equipment, picking, packing, and processing stations to tailor solutions that you not just a close fit but exactly what you need. 

Off the shelf vs. Tailored Solutions 

One size fits all or “Off the Shelf” l material handling systems, can fail to achieve the efficiencies, and rarely consider all of the complexities within a business. Your business will have to compromise on functionality and may lose some of the services that your customers depend on. The additional software and process complexities that come from automating bits and pieces are rarely captured when considering a simplistic approach.  

A tailored solution is one that’s engineered for your specific business, working practices, and facility. This sophisticated approach is unique in the following ways:   

  • We take the time to understand the problem or issue you want to address 
  • We use data to evaluate many workable solutions 
  • We simulate, design and then share their ideas with your throughout the process 
  • We take full responsibility for the quality and performance of every component used 
  • We ensure the solution is installed correctly and commissioned thoroughly 
  • We provide many levels of after-sales support 

The satisfaction of your customers, your employees, and your financial success is at the center of all tailored solutions.  

The Daifuku Intralogistics America Process 

Utilizing a structured six-step process, we maintain a client-centric approach throughout the project lifecycle, fostering effective collaboration and progress towards their objectives. These are the steps we adhere to: 

  • Data gathering and analysis 
  • Solution design 
  • Simulation and advanced modeling 
  • Engineering 
  • Project Management 
  • Maintenance and Support 

The initial phases are about making sure we understand what our client wants and most importantly, what they really need. This involves reviewing the site and gathering relevant data, such as on volumes and inventory. 

We begin by formulating and evaluating options, narrowing them down to a design we firmly believe in. It's only when the client has fully bought into our vision that we commence work on the mechanical, electrical, and control systems design. 

We prioritize maintaining control over quality and project timing by keeping as much of our supply chain and production operations in-house as possible. This approach enables us to maximize our oversight of these critical aspects. 

The installation phase, which encompasses functional testing and training, is meticulously overseen by one of our seasoned project managers. 

Choosing a Partner for Your Material Handling Projects 

Faced with rising volumes, increased package variety and persistent labor shortages, many businesses in retail, distribution, e-commerce, and other supply chain operations want to invest in automation for their logistics and material handling operations. These projects are often complex and involve making projections into an uncertain future. The risks are significant but of course, the pressure to maximize ROI never goes away. 

In this environment, our customers have two options to consider: they can either acquire standard material handling equipment, along with the compromises it entails, or they can partner with a company that dedicates the necessary time to thoroughly understand their specific needs before proposing suitable solutions. 

When assessing prospective suppliers, we recommend taking the following factors into account: 

  1. Are the solutions we provide rooted in data gleaned from our clients' operations? 
  2. Do we develop solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients' unique needs? 
  3. Do we possess in-house expertise in equipment, or are we reliant on external sources? 
  4. Are we genuinely dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their maximum potential for success? 

Choose a Partner That Can Help You Meet Your Goals 

It takes work to develop a material handling solution tailored to a particular set of needs and circumstances. In our experience, though, not investing this upfront time leads to less than optimal results. Only by following a structured approach is it possible to give clients the best possible solution for their operational needs. 

With an extensive history in the material handling industry, we have witnessed significant transformations and disruptions over the years. It is evident that businesses operating within the logistics and distribution sectors face intricate challenges. Consequently, it is rare for straightforward solutions to deliver the same level of return on investment (ROI) as those that are intricately designed and customized to address specific needs. 

At Daifuku Intralogistics America we take pride in bringing stability to the industry, and our track record of successful projects shows our approach works. We develop, deliver, and support, material handling solutions that meet our clients ROI targets and help them compete more effectively. Contact us to learn more. 

Meet Brett Criswell, a Design Engineer at Daifuku Intralogistics America
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